The firm believes that the world becomes a better place when the NGO sector partners with the corporate and philanthropic sector.  It is through the volunteer spirit which exists in all of us, coupled  with the generosity of individuals and the focus on social responsibility by businesses and corporations, that enables organizations to fulfill their defined missions with efficiency and passion. NGO Global brings over 30 years of experience to making these partnerships happen.

Over time, NGO Global and Global Advisory Associates have assisted organizations around the world to raise hundreds of millions of dollars and mobilize tens of thousands of business leaders, students, government officials and board volunteers to deliver important services to their communities and countries.

Services provided include Executive Business Coaching, Fund Development Audits, Campaign Development and Management, Global Strategic Partnership Development, and Conference and Retreat Planning Services.

With this global experience in over 40 countries, we are ready to assist its clients with multinational program and funding projects, especially in important markets such as China, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, the Western European region and North America.